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  • YN370212 BMS-309403 300657-03-8

    BMS309403 is a small-molecule FABP4 inhibitor with nM affinity (Kd=4 nM for FABP4) and >100-fold selectivity against FABP5 as well as the heart isoform FABP3.

  • YN370170 HTS01037 682741-29-3

    HTS01037 is an inhibitor offatty acidbinding; and a competitive antagonist ofprotein-proteininteractions mediated by AFABP/aP2 with a Ki of 0.67μM.

  • YN370857 SBFI-26 1541207-06-0

    SBFI-26 is a selective and competitive inhibitor of fatty acid binding proteinsFABP5 and FABP7, with Kis of 0.9 µM and 0.4 µM for FABP5 and FABP7, respectively. SBFI-26 produces anti-nociceptive and anti...


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