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Monoamine Oxidase

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  • YN380196 Nialamide 51-12-7

    Nialamide is an irreversible and nonselective monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) of the hydrazine chemical class used as an antidepressant and anxiolytic.

  • YN380191 Iproniazid 54-92-2

    Iproniazid is a non-selective, irreversible monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitor (MAOI) that is used as an antidepressive agent.

  • YN380086 Isocarboxazid 59-63-2

    Isocarboxazid is a non-selective and irreversible inhibitor ofmonoamine oxidase, with an IC50 of 4.8μM for rat brain monoamine oxidasein vitro.

  • YN380317 Isatin 91-56-5

    Isatin (Indoline-2,3-dione) is a potent inhibitor ofmonoamine oxidase (MAO)with an IC50 of 3μM. Also binds to central benzodiazepine receptors (IC50against clonazepam, 123μM). Also acts as an antagonist of both atrial natriur...

  • YN380319 β-Aminopropionitrile 151-18-8

    β-Aminopropionitrile is a specific and irreversiblelysyl oxidase (LOX)inhibitor. β-Aminopropionitrile targets the active site of LOX or LOXL isoenzymes.

  • YN380190 Iproniazid phosphate 305-33-9

    Iproniazid (Marsilid, Iprazid) phosphate is a non-selective, irreversible monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitor (MAOI) that is used as an antidepressive agent.

  • YN380153 Pargyline hydrochloride 306-07-0

    Pargyline is an irreversible inhibitor of monoamine oxidase (MAO)-B with Ki values of 13 and 0.5 μM for time-dependent inhibition of the activity of MAO-A and -B, respectivey.

  • YN380254 Osthenol 484-14-0

    Osthenol (Ostenol), a prenylated coumarin isolated from the dried roots ofAngelica pubescens, is selective, reversible, and competitive human monoamine oxidase-A(hMAO-A)inhibitor (Ki=0.26 µM). Osthenol potently inhibits recomb...

  • YN380214 Azure B 531-55-5

    Azure B is acationic dye and the major metabolite of Methylene blue. Azure B is used in making Azure eosin stains for blood smear staining. Azure B is a high-potency, selective and reversible inhibitor ofmonoamine oxidases (MAO...

  • YN380221 Paeonol 552-41-0

    Paeonol (Peonol), a phenolic compound extracted from Chinese herbs Paeonia suffruticosa (moutan cortex) and Cynanchum paniculatum, inhibits MAO with an IC50 of about 50 &muM.

  • YN380154 Pargyline 555-57-7

    Pargyline is an irreversiblemonoamine oxidase (MAO)inhibitor with Kis of 13μM and 0.5μM forMAO-A and MAO-B, respectively. Pargyline has antihypertensive and anticancer activities .

  • YN380194 Modaline sulfate 2856-75-9

    Modaline sulfate is aMAOinhibitor, used in the treatment of depression.

  • YN380318 Hydroxyamine hydrochloride 5470-11-1

    Hydroxylammonium chloride is the hydrochloric acid salt of hydroxylamine, which is a biological intermediate in the nitrification and in the anammox.

  • YN380138 Salsolidine 5784-74-7

    Salsolidine is a tetrahydroisoquinoline alkaloid, acts as a stereoselective competitiveMAO Ainhibitor.

  • YN380204 Tranylcypromine hemisulfate 13492-01-8

    Tranylcypromine hemisulfate (dl-Tranylcypromine hemisulfate) is an irreversible, nonselectivemonoamine oxidase (MAO)inhibitor used in the treatment of depression. Tranylcypromine hemisulfate is also alysine-specific demethylase 1 (LS...

  • YN380238 Desmethoxyyangonin 15345-89-8

    Desmethoxyyangonin is one of the six major kavalactones found in the Piper methysticum (kava) plant; reversible inhibitor of MAO-B.

  • YN380091 Clorgyline hydrochloride 17780-75-5

    Clorgiline is an irreversible and selective inhibitor of monoamine oxidase A (MAO-A).

  • YN380313 7-Hydroxy-3,4-dihydro-2(1H)-... 22246-18-0

    7-​Hydroxy-​3,​4-​dihydro-​2(1H)​-​quinolinone (3,4-Dihydro-7-hydroxy-2(1H)-quinolinone) is a weakMAO-Ainhibitor, with an IC50 of 183μM, and has no effect on MAO-B.

  • YN380188 Minaprine 25905-77-5

    activate the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) signaling pathway

  • YN380189 Minaprine dihydrochloride 25953-17-7

    Minaprine dihydrochloride is a reversible inhibitor of MAO-A; weakly inhibit acetylcholinesterase; an antidepressant for treatment of depression.


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