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About ULS

ULS (United Life Science)

United Life Science (ULS) is dedicated to being one of the world's top providers of cutting-edge and comprehensive life science solutions.

ULS offers a diverse spectrum of inhibitors, agonists, and drug impurity standards and controls.

ULS specializes in inhibitors, agonists, and impurity standards and controls for pharmaceuticals.With a team of expert chemists and biologists in research and development, ULS has many years of development and considerable industry experience. From product preparation and analysis to bioactivity data, we have a great management system in place to ensure that our products are better and faster for you.

We accelerate and improve the development of novel drugs for the benefit of human health.

Services and Products

More than 10,000 unique inhibitors and agonists targeting epigenetics, PI3K/Akt/mTOR, apoptosis, MAPK, Wnt, and other signaling pathways are available, with applications in oncology, cardiology, neuroscience, immunology, and metabolism.

ULS offers analytical testing as well as bespoke synthesis services and has impurity controls for over 2,000 pharmaceuticals.

ULS also offers a huge number of exclusive compounds available around the world, as well as a specialized staff that monitors new pharmaceutical and life science research breakthroughs in order to provide you with recently researched active compounds to fulfill your research demands. We may also offer high-quality drug testing services.

The basis and most important component of our products and services is quality.


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