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  • YN321896 Sauvagine 74434-59-6

    Sauvagine, a 40-amino-acid neuropeptide from the skin of the frog, is amammalian CRFagonist. Sauvagine is effective at releasing ACTH from rat pituitary cells. Sauvagine possesses a number of pharmacological actions on diuresis, t...

  • YN321960 Urotensin I 83930-33-0

    Urotensin I is, 41-aa neuropeptide, acts as an agonist ofCRF receptor withpEC50s of 11.46, 9.36 and 9.85 for human CRF1, human CRF2 and rat CRF2αreceptors in CHO cells, and Kis of 0.4, 1.8, and 5.7nM for hCRF1...

  • YN321789 Corticotropin-releasing facto... 86784-80-7

    Corticotropin-releasing factor human (Human CRF) stimulates the synthesis and secretion of adrenocorticotropin in the anterior pituitary.

  • YN321892 α-Helical CRF(9-41) 90880-23-2

    α-Helical CRF(9-41) is a competitiveCRF2 receptorantagonist withKBof ~100nM. α-Helical CRF(9-41) is also a partial agonist ofCRF1 receptor with an EC50 of 140nM.

  • YN321956 CRF, bovine 92307-52-3

    CRF, bovine is a potent agonist ofCRF receptor, and displaces [125I-Tyr]ovine CRF with a Ki of 3.52nM.

  • YN321895 CRF(6-33)(human) 120066-38-8

    CRF(6-33)(human) is aCRF binding protein (CRF-BP)lig and inhibitor. CRF(6-33)(human) competitively binds theCRF-BPbut not the post-synaptic CRF receptors. CRF(6-33)(human) has anti-obesity effect.

  • YN321894 Urocortin, rat 171543-83-2

    Urocortin, rat (Urocortin (Rattus norvegicus)) is a neuropeptide and a potent endogenousCRFRagonist with Kis of 13nM, 1.5nM, and 0.97nM forhuman CRF1,rat CRF2α and mouse CRF2β, respectively.

  • YN320819 CP 316311 175139-41-0

    CP 316311 is a potent and selectiveCRF1 receptorantagonist with an IC50 value of 6.8nM.

  • YN320820 CP 376395 175140-00-8

    CP 376395 is a potent and selectiveCorticotropin releasing factor 1 (CRF1)receptor antagonist.

  • YN321893 Urocortin, human 176591-49-4

    Urocortin, human, a 40-aa neuropeptide, acts as a selective agonist of endogenousCRF2receptor, with Kis of 0.4, 0.3, and 0.5nM for hCRF1, rCRF2α and mCRF2β, respectively.

  • YN320818 R121919 195055-03-9

    R121919 (NBI30775) is a potent small-moleculeCRF1receptor antagonist with a Ki of 2 to 5nM for the CRF1 receptor and over 1000-fold weaker activity at the CRF2 receptor, CRF-binding protein, or 70 other receptor types.

  • YN321850 Antisauvagine-30 220673-95-0

    Antisauvagine-30 (aSvg-30) is a potent, competitive and selectiveCRF2receptorantagonist withKdvalues of 1.4nM and 153.6nM for mouse CRF2β and rat CRF1receptors, respectively.

  • YN321984 Urocortin III, mouse 357952-10-4

    Urocortin III, mouse is a corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF)-related peptide. Urocortin III preferentially binds and activatesCRF-R2. Urocortin III (Ucn3) is a known component of the behavioral stress response system...

  • YN321849 K41498 434938-41-7

    K41498 is a potent and highly selectiveCRF2 receptorantagonist with Ki values of 0.66nM, 0.62nM and 425nM for human CRF2α, CRF2β and CRF1receptors respectively. K41498 is an analogues of antisauvagine-30 (aSvg-30)...

  • YN320546 Pexacerfont 459856-18-9

    Pexacerfont is a selective corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF1) receptor antagonist with IC50 of 6.1±0.6nM for human CRF1receptor.

  • YN320924 Verucerfont 885220-61-1

    Verucerfont is acorticotropin-releasing factor receptor 1(CRF1) antagonist with IC50s of ~6.1, >1000 and >1000 nM for CRF1, CRF2, and CRF-BP, respectively.


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