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  • YN310142 PIN1 inhibitor API-1 680622-70-2

    PIN1 inhibitor API-1 is a specific Pin1 (peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase NIMA-interacting 1) inhibitor with IC50 of 72.3 nM. PIN1 inhibitor API-1 targets Pin1 peptidyl-prolyl isomerase domain and inhibits Pin1 cis-...

  • YN310168 LIN28 inhibitor LI71 1357248-83-9

    LIN28 inhibitor LI71 is a potent and cell-permeableLIN28inhibitor, which abolishes LIN28-mediated oligouridylation with an IC50 of 7 uM. LIN28 inhibitor LI71 directly binds the cold shock domain (CSD) to suppress LI...

  • YN310021 Lin28-let-7a antagonist 1 2024548-03-4

    Lin28-let-7a antagonist 1 shows a clear antagonistic effect against the Lin28-let-7a interaction with an IC50 of 4.03μM for Lin28A-let-7a-1 interaction.


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