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  • YN420183 NU6027 220036-08-8

    NU6027 is a potent ATR/CDK inhibitor, inhibits CDK1/2, ATR and DNA-PK with Ki of 2.5 μM/1.3 μM, 0.4 μM and 2.2 μM, enter cells more readily than the 6-aminopurine-based inhibitors.

  • YN420101 KU-55933 587871-26-9

    KU-55933 (ATM Kinase Inhibitor) is a potent and specific ATM inhibitor with IC50/Ki of 12.9 nM/2.2 nM in cell-free assays, and is highly selective for ATM as compared to DNA-PK, PI3K/PI4K, ATR and mTOR.

  • YN420256 KU 59403 845932-30-1

    KU 59403 is a potentATMinhibitor, with IC50 values of 3nM, 9.1μM and 10μM for ATM, DNA-PK and PI3K, respectively.

  • YN420218 CGK733 905973-89-9

    CGK733 is a potentATM/ATRinhibitor, used for the research of cancer.

  • YN420108 KU-60019 925701-46-8

    KU-60019 is an improvedATMkinase-specific inhibitor with IC50 of 6.3nM.

  • YN420066 CP-466722 1080622-86-1

    CP-466722 is a rapidly reversible inhibitor ofATM, with an IC50 of 4.1μM, and has no effects on PI3K or closely related PI3K-like protein kinase (PIKK) family members.

  • YN420194 VE-821 1232410-49-9

    VE-821 is a potent and selective ATP competitive inhibitor of ATR with Ki/IC50 of 13 nM/26 nM in cell-free assays, shows inhibition of H2AX phosphorylation, minimal activity against PIKKs ATM, DNA-PK, mTOR and...

  • YN420189 Berzosertib 1232416-25-9

    VE-822 is an ATR inhibitor with IC50 of 19 nM in HT29 cells.

  • YN420220 AZ20 1233339-22-4

    AZ20 is a novel potent and selective inhibitor of ATR kinase with IC50 of 5 nM in a cell-free assay, 8-fold selectivity over mTOR.

  • YN420219 ETP-46464 1345675-02-6

    ETP-46464 is a potent and selective inhibitor of ATR with IC50 of 25 nM.

  • YN420260 (S)-Ceralasertib 1352226-87-9

    (S)-Ceralasertib ((S)-AZD6738) is extracted from patent WO2011154737A1, Compound II, exhibits an IC50 of 2.578nM. (S)-Ceralasertib is a potent and selective sulfoximine morpholinopyrimidineATRinhibitor with excellent...

  • YN420259 Ceralasertib 1352226-88-0

    AZD6738 is an orally active, and selective ATR kinase inhibitor with IC50 of 1 nM. Phase 1/2.

  • YN420176 ATR inhibitor 2 1613191-99-3

    VX-803 (M4344) is an ATP-competitive, orally active, and selective inhibitor of ataxia telangiectasia and Rad3 related (ATR) kinase with Ki of < 150 pM. VX-803 (M4344) potently inhibits ATR-driven phosphorylated checkpoint...

  • YN420001 AZD0156 1821428-35-6

    AZD0156 is a potent, selective and orally activeATMinhibitor with an IC50 of 0.58nM. AZD0156 inhibits theATM-mediated signaling, prevents DNA damage checkpoint activation, disrupts DNA damage repair, and induces tum...

  • YN420065 AZD1390 2089288-03-7

    AZD1390 is a first-in-class orally available and CNS penetrant ATM inhibitor with an IC50 of 0.78 nM in cells and >10,000-fold selectivity over closely related members of the PIKK family of enzymes and excellent selectivity ...

  • YN420086 AZ32 2288709-96-4

    AZ32 is an orally bioavailable and blood-brain barrier-penetratingATMinhibitor with an IC50 of <6.2nM for ATM enzyme, and an IC50 of 0.31μM for ATM in cell.


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