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Bradykinin Receptor

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  • YN321808 Bradykinin 58-82-2

    Bradykinin is a potent vasodilator peptide that exerts its vasodilatory action through stimulation of specific endothelial B2 receptors, thereby causing the release of prostacyclin, NO, and EDHF.

  • YN321989 Retrobradykinin 5991-13-9

    Retrobradykinin has the reverse sequence of Bradykinin (HY-P0206). Retrobradykinin has no significant kinin activity and can be used as a negative control for Bradykinin.

  • YN321831 [Des-Arg9]-Bradykinin 15958-92-6

    [Des-Arg9]-Bradykinin is aBradykinin(B1) receptor agonist that displays selectivity for B1over B2receptors.

  • YN321943 Bradykinin (2-9) 16875-11-9

    Bradykinin (2-9) is an amino-truncated Bradykinin peptide. Bradykinin (2-9) is a metabolite of Bradykinin, cleaved by Aminopeptidase P.

  • YN321940 Bradykinin (1-7) 23815-87-4

    Bradykinin (1-7) is an amino-truncated Bradykinin peptide. Bradykinin (1-7) is a metabolite of Bradykinin, cleaved by endopeptidase.

  • YN321934 Bradykinin (1-6) 23815-88-5

    Bradykinin (1-6) is an amino-truncated Bradykinin peptide. Bradykinin (1-6) is a stable metabolite of Bradykinin, cleaved by carboxypeptidase Y (CPY).

  • YN321942 Bradykinin (1-5) 23815-89-6

    Bradykinin (1-5) is a major stable metabolite of Bradykinin, formed by the proteolytic action of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE).

  • YN321947 Bradykinin (1-3) 23815-91-0

    Bradykinin (1-3) is a 3-amino acid residue peptide. Bradykinin (1-3) is an amino-truncated Bradykinin peptide, cleaved by Prolyl endopeptidase.

  • YN321832 [Des-Arg9]-Bradykinin aceta... 23827-91-0

    [Des-Arg9]-Bradykinin acetate is aBradykinin B1receptoragonist that displays selectivity for B1over B2receptors.

  • YN321137 Icatibant 130308-48-4

    Icatibant (HOE-140) is a potent and specific peptide antagonist ofbradykinin B2 receptor with IC50 and Kiof 1.07nM and 0.798nM respectively .

  • YN320387 Icatibant acetate 138614-30-9

    Icatibant Acetate acts as an antagonist of the bradykinin B2 receptor and is used in the treatment of hereditary angioedema.

  • YN320030 FR167344 free base 215258-13-2

    FR167344 free base is an orally active, nonpeptidebradykinin receptor B2antagonist. FR167344 free base shows a high affinity binding to the B2 receptor with an IC50 value of 65nM and no binding affinity for the B1 receptor.

  • YN320942 SSR240612 464930-42-5

    SSR240612 is a potent, and orally active specific non-peptidebradykinin B1 receptorantagonist, with Kis of 0.48nM and 0.73nM for B1 kinin receptors of human fibroblast MRC5 and HEK cells expressing human B1 receptors, 4...

  • YN320301 Fasitibant chloride hydrochlo... 869880-33-1

    Fasitibant chloride hydrochloride (MEN16132) is a potent, selective, high affinity, and longlasting nonpeptidebradykinin B2(BK2) receptorantagonist. Fasitibant chloride hydrochloride has proinflammatory effects and can be used...

  • YN320943 ELN-441958 913064-47-8

    ELN-441958 is a potent, neutral antagonist of B1 receptor, inhibits the binding of the B1 agonist lig and [3H]DAKD to IMR-90 cells with Ki of 0.26nM. ELN-441958 is highly selective for B1 over B2 receptors, and >500/ ...


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