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Shipping and Return

1.What are my courier options?

Currently we only ship by DHL ,  FedEx, USP, SF.

2.Can you ship overnight?

All shipments for domestic and most of continental US destinations are overnight. Unfortunately delays due to customs are completely out of our control.

3.Who will be clearing our package in the customs? Can we use our own broker for clearance?

By default, upon the arrival of package to customs, FedEx or DHL will contact you for clearance instructions. FedEx and DHL provide customs clearance services at additional cost billed to the consignee. If you have your own broker, please provide us with the detailed information of your broker to add to the shipping documents.

4.Can you ship our package in cargo mode?

We cannot ship in cargo mode. Our FedEx and DHL shipments are only done through courier mode.

5.Do you offer temperature controlled services or any other cold chain shipping option?

Yes. We offer cold chain shipping services at additional cost. Temperature controlled shipping services are outsourced to a reliable third party courier. Shipments with ice packs and dry ice (available only to some countries due to shipping restrictions) are available upon request. Feel free to ask our sales team for more details on the options available to you!


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