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Bombesin Receptor

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  • YN321801 Bombesin 31362-50-2

    Bombesin is a tetradecapeptide originally isolated from frog skin; plays an important role in the release of gastrin and the activation of G-protein receptors.

  • YN321767 Kuwanon G 75629-19-5

    Kuwanon G is a flavonoid isolated fromMorus alba, acts as abombesin receptorantagonist, with potential antimicrobial activity.

  • YN321756 Kuwanon H 76472-87-2

    Kuwanon H is a flavonoid isolated fromMorus bombycis, which acts as a potent non-peptidebombesin receptorantagonist. Kuwanon H selectively inhibits binding of gastrin releasing peptide CRP toGRP-preferring recepotr, with aKivalu...

  • YN321932 BA 1 183241-31-8

    BA 1 is a potent bombesin receptor agonist (IC50 values are 0.26, 1.55 and 2.52nM for BB1, BB2 and BB3 respectively). BA 1 enhances glucose transport in obese and diabetic primary myocytes. BA 1 also stimulates NCI-H...

  • YN320252 PD176252 204067-01-6

    PD176252 is a potent antagonist of neuromedin-B preferring (BB1) and gastrin-releasing peptide-preferring (BB2) receptor with Kis of 0.17nM and 1nM for human BB1 and BB2receptors, and 0.66nM, 16nM for Rat BB1 and ...

  • YN320856 MK-5046 1022152-70-0

    MK-5046 is a novel BRS-3 agonist, binds to BRS-3 with high affinity (mouse Ki = 1.6nM, human Ki = 25nM).

  • YN320202 ML-18 1422269-30-4

    ML-18 is a non-peptide bombesin receptor subtype-3 (BRS-3) antagonist with an IC50 of 4.8μM.


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